The project provides teacher professional learning (PL) workshops based on a structure we have labelled the “CT Integration Cycle”. This PL structure reflects best practices defined in the current research literature and our prior experiences developing and implementing the Problem Solving Cycle. CT Integration Cycle workshops take place during the summer as well as during regularly scheduled intervals throughout the school year.

Activities that take place during the workshops include:

  • Learning about and using sensor technology
  • Researchers and teachers co-designing storylines that integrate sensor technology
  • Preparing to implement the storylines
  • Sharing and discussing videoclips from the teachers’ classroom implementations of the storylines
  • Collaboratively revising the storylines

Throughout the PL workshops, teachers engage in the following activities:

  • Learn about and practice using each component of the sensor platform, and consider instructional strategies related to the use of the sensors
  • Engage in activities related to improving NGSS-aligned science instruction 
  • Examine a variety of CT practices and consider how to effectively integrate them into science classrooms
  • Co-design, plan for, and analyze lessons that all teachers implement integrating science instruction with sensor technology 
  • Actively consider student interest, engagement, and equity in the design and implementation of CT integrated science lessons