Laurie Langdon, Ph.D.
Managing Director

School of Education, Room 120C
University of Colorado Boulder
249 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309

Laurie enjoys working with multiple stakeholders who are committed to ensuring all students have access to high quality education. 

Laurie has always been drawn to the unique challenges of teaching and learning and finds the complexity of studying how students learn chemistry very rewarding. In her position as Science Teaching Fellow within the CU Science Education Initiative (SEI), she has had opportunities to work with faculty to develop course learning goals, assess student learning, and implement research-based instructional approaches. As part of this experience, she became involved in the Colorado Learning Assistant program and it has proven very rewarding. Rewards have come in terms of increased student learning in the courses, recruitment and preparation of fabulous future teachers, working with other fabulous LAs who are pursuing medicine, graduate school, or other programs, and in collaborating with research and teaching faculty who are committed to creating effective learning environments and preparing our future K-12 teachers. Prior to joining CU in 2006, Laurie earned her bachelor degrees in Chemistry and in English, along with her teaching certification at Calvin College. Laurie completed her Ph.D. in Chemical Education at the University of Northern Colorado and worked as a post-doc in chemistry education at the University of New Hampshire (where she also taught 200-students sections of General Chemistry).