The University of Colorado Boulder Police Department’s (CUPD) mission is to provide the highest quality services in order to enhance community safety, protect life and property, and reduce crime and the fear of crime. We pledge to develop a partnership with the greater campus community and to improve the overall safety and quality of life for all CU affiliates through fair, impartial, transparent, and consistent policing.

Administrative citations are designed to help reduce and address impacts to safety within our community outside of the criminal justice system. The enforcement of substance and traffic-related offenses on university property is a tool to help CUPD to better serve the campus community, and help reduce the number of the individuals from entering the local court system while reducing the financial burden to the citizen.

Both substance abuse violations and traffic-related violations are the proximate cause of many serious incidents and injuries. It is beneficial to both the university and the broader community safety to address these violations. The high incidence of these issues on and around CU Boulder campus increases the risk of injuries and possible long-term issues. Enforcing the violations prevents injuries and reduces property loss or damage. 

Enforcement of other violations of Campus Use of University Facilities (CUUF) policies and housing contract violations are tools to help CUPD to better serve the university community and help reduce the risk of commonly seen injuries caused by these violations.


You have 30 calendar days from the date of issue to pay the violation. If you fail to address your citation, the fine(s) may be passed on to:

  • For CU Boulder students - the Bursar’s office for collections.
  • For CU non-students – a third-party collections agency.

Pay Now




If you received a “notice of violation,” that will be adjudicated through the 

student conduct process.

Reasons You Cannot Appeal an Administrative Citation
  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of the violated regulation
  • You don't agree with the regulation
  • Cannot afford the fine
  • Did not see the traffic sign or signal
  • Don't recognize the authority of the University of Colorado to issue these types of tickets
  • I didn't like the way the officer talked to or treated me.

If you received a "Notice of Traffic Offense," you are able to appeal that citation through the following process. Appeals will go through a three-step process. If you are unsuccessful in your appeal, you will be charged $10 in addition to the fine.

  1. The cited person fills out the appeals form below.
  2. The appeal is reviewed to make sure that it is for a valid reason.
  3. If the reason is valid, the appeal is reviewed by a CU Boulder law student who will make the final determination.

    Begin Appeal Process