Published: Feb. 17, 2021

A CUPD dispatcher sits in front a multiple computer screensThe University of Colorado Boulder Police Department is a full-service police department, and that service starts when you call 911. In fact, CU Boulder is one of four Boulder County agencies staffing their own dispatch center.

When you call 911 from a campus landline phone, you will be automatically connected with the CUPD dispatch center. If you call from a cell phone, your call will be answered by the city of Boulder dispatch center. If you have a medical emergency, they will take your call and send medical assistance. If you have any other needs they will transfer you to the CUPD dispatch center right away.

Our dispatchers are a vital link between our community and our public safety services. Every year, the CUPD communications center answers more than 25,000 phone calls through 911 and the non-emergency phone number. They take calls about campus parking complaints, open door requests, thefts, vandalism, threats, assaults, trespasses, suspicious persons, vehicles or objects, and requests for general information. The dispatchers are also responsible for logging all calls for service for police and fire in the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system and then broadcasting that information to the officers on the streets. They are the unseen partner of the emergency responder providing them with needed information and support while sitting in a small room in front of a bank of computer screens.

We are now hiring police dispatcher trainees. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, you can find a link to more information and the steps in the application process on our website.