The University of Colorado Boulder is offering the Guardian mobile safety app for free to all students, faculty and staff. The app allows you to set your friends and family members as your guardians as you walk, run or bike anywhere in the United States.

When you start your trip in the app, your guardians will receive a text message with a link that shows your current location. You set a timer for the expected duration of your trip. It counts down as you travel. When you mark your trip as complete, your guardians will receive another text letting them know that you arrived safely. If you don’t mark your trip as complete, your guardians will receive a text message showing your location. They can reach out to you to make sure that you are safe or contact local police to let them know you may be in trouble while providing your start point, destination, and last location. 

The Guardian app can do more than that. It provides an additional method to receive CU Boulder Alerts, it has a list of phone numbers for crisis support systems on campus as well as campus safety websites, and it can provide you with quick access to call 911 or the CU Boulder police non-emergency phone number.

Guardian is available for free on the App Store or Google Play. Simply search for Rave Guardian and download the app to your mobile device. Then follow the instructions to complete the setup. Be sure to use your email address.

To learn more about the safety timer feature, watch the video below or visit CU Boulder Alerts Guardian FAQ page.


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