Published: Aug. 4, 2020

This camera points out the front windshield of CUPD patrol cars to record activity that occurs in front of the car.As part of ongoing efforts to provide greater public transparency, the University of Colorado Boulder Police department has installed two Axon Fleet cameras inside each of its patrol cars.

The department introduced body-worn cameras last summer and has been testing the vehicle cameras since they were installed last month.

“We will continue to search for ways to be transparent with our community while being a leader among university police departments,” said CUPD Chief Doreen Jokerst.

The cameras can record audio and video inside and outside of vehicles. One camera points through the front windshields of patrol cars to capture activity happening in front of the vehicles, and can be turned on manually or when officers switch on emergency lights.

The second camera records the back seats of patrol cars, and also allows officers to turn them on manually or automatically any time the back door is opened. The rear camera also has infrared capability to capture dark or low-light events or situations.