Published: June 5, 2020

The logos for the law enforcement agencies in Boulder County

The past week has been a difficult time for everyone. As leaders of the eight Boulder County law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office, we are deeply disturbed by the circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd.

We have heard the words of the protestors. Black lives matter. That is true in Boulder County and everywhere in the world. Enough is enough. There is no room for any law enforcement professional who is biased against any group of people to be a part of our profession.

We stand in solidarity with you. When you are dealing with members of our organizations, we want you to feel safe, no matter your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or any other status. Should you find yourself speaking with a law enforcement officer or deputy, you should not have to fear for your life or suffer any discrimination.

In Boulder County, we must continue to make progress in improving our justice system -- but there is work that remains to be done. To truly honor George Floyd requires we do so. Law enforcement and the community must work together to make changes which will solidify trust and ensure a justice system that is fair for all. We are and will continue our commitment to find ways to do better as a community.

We, the leadership of all of the Boulder County law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s Office, make this promise to our community; we will not stop until members of our community no longer fear those who are there to protect them.

If you have comments or questions about your local law enforcement agency, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.

Boulder County Sheriff Sheriff Joe Pelle 303-441-3600
City of Boulder Police Department Chief Maris Herold 303-441-3333
Boulder District Attorney Michael Dougherty 303-441-3700
Erie Police Department Chief Kim Stewart 303-926-2800
Lafayette Police Department Chief Rick Bashor 303-665-5571
Longmont Police Department Chief Mike Butler 303-651-8555
Louisville Police Department Chief Dave Hayes 303-666-8634
Nederland Police Department Marshall Larry Johns 303-258-3250
University of Colorado Boulder Police Department Chief Doreen Jokerst 303-492-8168