Published: Oct. 11, 2019

On Friday, Oct. 11, 2019, the CU Boulder Police Department was notified that the suspect in Sunday’s racist video incident in the Engineering Center, was in the library in the Benson Earth Sciences building. Shortly after, officers arrested and booked her into the Boulder County Jail on one misdemeanor charge of harassment. She was also served with an exclusion notice from the CU Boulder campus. Krajacic, 33, is not affiliated with the campus.

“I want to thank the CU Boulder community for the tips they provided as we searched for Ms. Krajacic,” said CUPD Chief Doreen Jokerst.

Under Colorado law, a person commits harassment if, with intent to harass or alarm another person, directs obscene language or makes an obscene gesture to or at another person in a public place. Harassment moves from a class 3 misdemeanor to a class 1 misdemeanor if the offender commits harassment with the intent to intimidate because of the other person’s actual or perceived race or color.