Members of the PER@C conduct a variety of workshops nationally. Samples of these include:

• Are your students learning the main concepts? Defining learning goals and assessing as you go (Wieman, Perkins, McKagan, Koch, and Knight)

• Exploring Easy and Effective Ways to Use PhET’s Web-Based Interactive Simulations (Perkins, Adams, McKagan, Wieman, Loeblein, et al.)

• Using Simulations Productively in Undergraduate Physics: the Physics Education Technology Project (Perkins, Adams, Finkelstein)

• Inquiry-based Physics: STEM-Colorado and Colorado PhysTEC summer workshop series for teachers (Dubson, Pollock)

• Attitudes, Beliefs and Students Learning: Assessing student learning beyond concepts using the CLASS. (Perkins, Adams, Finkelstein, Pollock)

• Discipline-based Education Research: a workshop series for graduate students in the GK12 programs. (Pollock, Finkelstein)

• Interactive Teaching: Graduate TA Workshops in physics (Pollock, Perkins)

• What Every Physicist Should Know about Cognitive Science: an introduction to PER for the AAPT. (Finkelstein)

• Diversity and Inclusion in Physics: Workshops for educators and researchers concerned about representation in the sciences (Finkelstein, Pollock).