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About the Course

At its core, the conflict field is focused on developing and then teaching people the skills they need to constructively address the many conflicts that are integral to the human experience. It is a field focused on increasing the constructiveness with which humans interact with one another. This course provides a comprehensive overview of constructive conflict-handling techniques ranging from communication skills, to negotiation skills, to mediation, facilitation, dialogue, and consensus building strategies, among others.  We look at the theory behind these strategies, as well as the practical way they can be successfully done in interpersonal and intergroup settings. A variety of realistic exercises and roleplays give students a chance to practice the skills taught. 


PACS 3700 Syllabus - Content is similar for both the in-person and online versions

Class Attributes

  • This course counts for Arts & Sciences General Education: Distribution-Social Sciences

  • This course is cross-listed as COMM 3700.

  • This course counts as an elective for students registered for the PACS Certificate


  • This course is offered in person fall term.
  • This course is offered asynchronously through Continuing Education fall, winter, spring, and summer terms.