Published: April 10, 2023

flier, info on page. Register for PACS 3850-100: International Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

Online - Summer 2023 - Summer Session A (6/5-7/7)

How do wars end?

What does it mean to have a peace agreement?

What does it mean to live peacefully in community with people who were previously your enemies?

In this summer course, we will explore the sources of violent conflict, conduct a case study on The Troubles in Northern Ireland, and critically explore ways actors settle conflicts and work toward peace. Students will learn the ins and outs of international peacebuilding and have an opportunity to analyze an ongoing international conflict.

This course counts for Arts & Sciences General Education: Diversity-Global Perspective OR Distribution-Social Sciences. Also this course counts under Functional Area IV for International Affairs Majors/Minors.

More information on the course is available on the PACS 3850 Course Info Page.

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Student Testimonials: 

“Dr English is truly one of the top two best professors I’ve had at CU Boulder, I have had multiple courses with him now and look forward to taking more classes with him the future.”

“Michael English is by far the most effective and best professor I have had in a general education curriculum class. His course material was unique, connected to the world, and made me excited to go to class.”