Published: Dec. 7, 2020

flyer for geog 3742An approved course for one of your PACS electives is GEOG 3742-581: Place, Power, and Contemporary Culture, with Dr. Shruthi Jagadeesh.

What is ‘power,’ and how are spaces produced through relationships of power? GEOG 3742 introduces students to key theories and contemporary debates in critical and feminist geography through a focus on the themes of power, space, and culture as conceptual frameworks. We will apply critical geographic perspectives on power to the topics of: colonialism and imperialism; states and territoriality; transnational migration and human rights; conflict and nationalism; environmental politics and social movements; and connections between local and transnational activism.
The course is structured around four units:

  1. i) feminist geographies;
  2. ii) postcolonial geographies;
  3. iii) environmental injustice and queer ecologies;
  4. iv) decolonial geographies.

While many of our readings are theoretical, we will draw from contemporary examples from different regions of the world – Canada, India, Iran, Lebanon, Mexico, Russia, Tajikistan, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom – to ground our studies.

**Note: Continuing Education (CE) Classes are Billed Separately. If you enroll in both Main Campus and CE classes in the same term, CE tuition will be billed in addition to your Main Campus tuition. This class is not COF eligible. Visit or call 303-492-5148 for more details. This is a 14 week course starting 1/19/21 and ending 4/30/21