PISEC is continuously engaged in innovating, developing, and implementing new opportunities for communities to engage in informal physics education and scientific practice.  Some of these projects are elaborated on below.

Community Events

PISEC is happy to collaborate with local community members to design and implement partnership-based outreach events.  PISEC volunteers have engaged in demo shows, science talks, career panels, and several other types of engagements.  With all of these offerings, PISEC's goal is to go beyond the traditional paradigm of outreach that frames the scientists as teachers or "givers" of science and the participants as learners or passive "receivers" of science.  In line with the program's philosophy of empowering engagement, PISEC endeavors to context its outreach at community events within the paradigm of partnership, framing PISEC scientist volunteers and outreach participants as collaborators in the pursuit of excitement and scientific englightment.

Individuals or organizations intrested in partnering with PISEC for community events should contact the program Director or program Coordinator.


PISEC supports a STEAM program blending STEM content and practice with art-focused projects and practice.