PISEC Personnel

A photo of Mike with his hands on a plasma ball at a museum.
Mike Bennett
Director of Educational Outreach and Research • PISEC Program Director • Research Associate
JILA • Department of Physics
Eric Cornell Headshot
Eric Cornell
Fellow, JILA
JILA • Department of Physics
Brett Fiedler, Ph.D
Brett Fiedler
Research Associate, PISEC Program Coordinator
JILA • Department of Physics
Noah Finkelstein Headshot
Noah Finkelstein
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics • Center for STEM Learning
Simone Hyater-Adams
Simone Hyater-Adams
Research Assistant
ATLAS • Department of Physics

PISEC Affiliates

Claudia Fracchiolla Headshot
Claudia Fracchiolla
Marie Curie Fellow
University College Dublin Physics
Katie Hinko Headshot
Katie Hinko
Assistant Professor of Physics
Michigan State University Physics
Rosemary Wulf Headshot
Rosemary Wulf
Fellow, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation
Englewood High School

Former PISEC Personnel