Lisa H Schwartz headshot
Community Program Manager
Office for Public and Community-Engaged Scholarship

As a community program manager, Lisa supports faculty, staff and students in the development of partnerships and program strategies for work with communities around Colorado. Lisa is dedicated to community building through shared action and reflection. She leads the Engaged Arts and Humanities Graduate Student Scholars program (EAH Scholars), Colorado Art Science Environment and Community Collaborations program and facilitates the Antiracism Action Initiative in the Arts Study Group, a partnership with Boulder County Arts Alliance.  

Lisa has a doctorate in education from the University of Arizona and was a postdoctoral researcher and research director in the CU Boulder School of Education on a MacArthur Connected Learning Research Network project. Before joining our office in 2016, Lisa designed and researched digitally mediated learning environments and educational resources that leveraged university and community resources. Her past experience and published work focuses on STEM/STEAM, new media/new and multimodal literacies, and community/school gardens with learners of all ages and a focus on work with Latinx and lower-income communities. While committed to the American West, Lisa also has lived in Latin America and Europe.