The Colorado Art Science Environment (CASE) program pairs CU Boulder scientists with Colorado artists and their communities. Audiences are invited to learn more about social and environmental issues through artists, scientists and community members’ relationships to the landscape.  

The inaugural cohort of CASE Fellows produced more than forty artworks that were displayed at Colorado’s State Capitol May 19 – Nov 27, 2023. The exhibition will be on tour throughout Colorado during 2024. 

The artists led the creation of the artwork, weaving together their perspectives with those of their communities and scientist partners. The results represent a dialogue among the artists, scientists and community members, based in their understandings and experiences of a changing landscape. Artists utilized environmental themes, as well as materials from the landscape, to connect with experience of place and scientific knowledge.  

Fellows want to move the conversation about climate change beyond debate and to make visible the connection all Coloradans have to the natural landscape and, through connection to place, one another. Exhibition visitors are encouraged to ask themselves how the exhibition makes visible and knowable the critical social and environmental issues facing our region, state, country and world.  

Each project’s webpage explains the science and social issues addressed by the teams, information about the partnership and the ways in which the art brings together the science, place and community perspectives. In addition, the viewing guide provides questions, ideas and activities for each artwork.