Dennis Doyle headshot
Colorado Art Science Environment Fellow 2022-23 • Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2022-23
CASE Artist • Art Practices • Sculpture and Post Studio Practice

Dennis Doyle is an interdisciplinary researcher exploring queer ecologies of waste, atmospheric chemistry, and multi-sensory installation. Their work has been exhibited around the country, including Pittsburgh, Tennessee, and Colorado. They have been nationally recognized for their scholarly work, including the Beinecke Scholarship and scientific publications such as Nanophotonics and ACS Optics. A Pittsburgh native, they completed a BA in Studio Arts and BS in Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, they are a graduate student at CU Boulder pursuing a MFA in Sculpture and Post-Studio Practice and is the artist in residence at the Brakhage Center for Media Arts. When not in the studio, they enjoy baking bread, eating bread, and running to burn off the bread.

Dennis is collaborating with scientist Bri Dobson.