Twice a year, our office awards Community Impact and Micro Grants to outreach and engagement projects that connect research, teaching and creative work with communities around Colorado and beyond.

We recently announced grant recipients for fall 2020, whose projects focused mostly on the COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice and persistent racial inequities.

Find out more about current and past grant recipients.

Community Impact Grant Recipients

2021-22 Awardees

Adolescents, Smartphones, and Social Media: Promoting Positive Relationships
Instructor Annie Margaret

Bringing Colorado's Chicano Movement to Classrooms
Director, Latino History Project Jason Romero
School of Education

Cal-Wood Restoration Crew
Director Stacey Forsyth
CU Science Discovery

Exploring Science Through Art, Music and Dance
Postdoctoral Associate Emma Antonio
Chemical and Biological Engineering/Materials Science Program

Four Corners Environmental and Economic Justice Summer Internship
Program Director, Four Corners Environmental and Economic Justice, Instructor/Lecturer Julia Guarino
Colorado Law

Holistic Planetarium Virtual Field Trips with Rural Schools
Education Programs Manager Briana Ingermann
Fiske Planetarium, Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences

LEAP: Learning in Partnership
Production, Outreach & Engagement Liaison Ondine Geary
Theatre & Dance

Listen, Create, Teach, Change: Racism and Wrongful Convictions
Clinical Law Professor Ann England
Colorado Law

Make CSR Training Accessible to Diverse Professionals
Interim Director, Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility Julie Waggoner
Leeds School of Business

    2020–21 Awardees

    • A Joint Outreach Model in the COVID Era
      Director of Educational Outreach and Research, Research Associate Michael Bennett
      Department of Physics, JILA
    • Establishing a Makerspace for Youth in Foster Care
      PhD Student Brandon Grossman
      School of Education
    • Multicultural Leadership Mentors Program
      Director of Diversity Recruitment and Retention Krishna Pattisapu
      School of Education
    • Participatory Antiracist Design with the Trident Community
      Assistant Professor Shawhin Roudbari
      Department of Environmental Design
    • SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Surveillance to Inform Decisions in Schools
      Instructor Kari Sholtes
      Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering
    • Supporting Underserved Teachers with Dome to Home
      Education Programs Manager Briana Ingermann
      Fiske Planetarium, Department of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences

    2019–20 Awardees

    • Building Trust: Parent Engagement in Montbello
      Graduate Student Ana Contreras
      School of Education
    • Colorado Lullaby Project: Nurturing Social Connection Through Song
      Community Engagement and Social Innovation Coordinator Katie Skayhan and Associate Professor Jeff Nytch
      College of Music
    • Comics Writing and Workshops with White Earth Nation
      Associate Professor Jennifer Shannon
      Cultural Anthropology
    • Connecting Ancestral and Modern Pojoaque Communities
      Graduate Student Zachary Cooper
    • Improving No Cost Grocery Programs Through Dialogue
      Instructor Heide Bruckner
    • Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights: Education and Outreach Campaign
      Fellow Danielle Lazore-Thompson and Professor Kristen Carpenter
      Colorado Law
    • Participatory Media Needs Assessment of Boulder County Youth
      Graduate Student Luz Ruiz
      Media Studies
    • Translating Alaska WASH Research for Community Action
      Graduate Student Kaitlin Mattos
      Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

    2018–19 Awardees

    2017–18 Awardees

    • A Just Energy and Climate Transition for Boulder
      Assistant Professor David Ciplet
      Environmental Studies
    • Analysis of Mentorship Plus Role Modeling Outreach Models
      Graduate Part-time Instructor/Research Assistant Leighanna Hinojosa
      School of Education
    • Creating a Cooperative Stewardship Zone in Boulder Canyon
      Faculty Instructor Stacey Schulte
      Program in Environmental Design
    • Conversations About Growing Up With Two Languages
      Associate Professor Eliana Colunga
      Psychology & Neuroscience
    • Harnessing Outreach Potential to Establish Long-term Citizen Science
      Graduate Student Ashley Lorainne Whipple, Research Associate Chris Ray
      Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • High School Energy Education Partnership
      Doctoral Candidate Kate Henson
      School of Education
    • Latin Summer Enrichment Program 2018
      Associate Professor Jacqueline Elliot
    • Lecture Series on the Nobel Prize in Literature
      Professor of Russian Studies Mark Leiderman
      Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
    • Native American Mural Project
      Assistant Director Hector Ramirez
      ODECE, CU Boulder Upward Bound
    • STEM Summer Camp for Middle and High Schoolers
      Assistant Professor Stephen Becker
      Applied Mathematics 
    • Wildfire Social Science Connection
      Research Faculty Hannah Brenkert Smith
      Institute of Behavioral Sciences (IBS)

    Micro Grant Recipients

    2021–22 Awardees

    Balloon Flight Lab - High School Outreach    
    Instructional Laboratory and Fabrication Coordinator, Instructor Matt Rhode    
    Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences

    Bringing Healing Home: A Workbook for Sexual Trauma    
    Undergraduate Student Francesca Torsiello    

    Building a Literary Learning Ecology with Adjudicated Youth    
    Graduate Student Daniel Moore    
    School of Education

    Celebrating the Indigenous Americas Week    
    Director, Latin American Studies Center, Associate Professor Leila Gomez
    Latin American Studies Center

    Climate Change Learning Gathering: Justice, Emotion, and Action    
    Professor Emeritus Dan Liston    
    School of Education

    Ecological Networks & Ecosystem Services: Online Active-Learning Games
    Doctoral Candidate Aislyn Keyes    
    Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

    Framework for Long-Term Community Risk/Resilience to Climate Variability    
    Research Faculty Atreyee Bhattacharya    
    Center for Asian Studies (CAS) The Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (CEAE), CIRES

    Multiculturalism at the Observatory
    Doctoral Candidate Rachel Bowyer    
    Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences

    STEM Summer Camp for Middle and High Schoolers
    Assistant Professor Stephen Becker    
    Applied Mathematics

    2020–21 Awardees

    • Business Economic Outlook Forum Publication Support
      Associate Dean and Senior Economist Richard Wobbekind
      Leeds School of Business
    • COVID Community Economic Presentations
      Executive Director Brian Lewandowski
      Business Research Division
    • Ecological Networks & Ecosystem Services: Online Active-Learning Games
      PhD Student Aislyn Keyes
      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    • Impact of COVID in China and the U.S.
      Senior Staff Associate Lynn Kalinauskas
      Center for Asian Studies, Program for Teaching East Asia
    • Museum in a Box
      Education Coordinator Cathy Regan
      CU Museum of Natural History
    • Our Wishes | Nuestros Deseos
      MFA student Alejandra Abad
      Department of Art and Art History
    • Supporting Virtual Early-Career Researcher Talks
      Education Programs Manager Briana Ingermann
      Fiske Planetarium, Department of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences

    2019–20 Awardees

    • Affordable Housing in Boulder: Barriers, Solutions, and Successes
      Associate Director and Instructor Abby Hickcox
      Arts & Sciences Honors Program
    • Bringing Lafayette’s Swimming Pool Story to the Community
      Distinguished Professor of History Emerita; coordinator, Latino History Project Marjorie McIntosh
    • Building Community Partnerships for Equitable Co-Design in Science
      Graduate Student Caitlin Fine
      School of Education
    • Computational Physical Play Workshop
      Graduate Student Junnan Yu
      Department of Information Science
    • Engineering Identity Development in Rural High School Students
      Graduate Student Leighanna Hinojosa
      School of Education
    • Gathering/Sharing Resources about Latinos on the Western Slope
      Director of Latino History Project Jason Romero
      School of Education
    • Los Seis de Boulder at 28th and Canyon
      Graduate Student Jasmine Baetz
      Art and Art History
    • Nested Roots: A Science/Art Exhibition in Carbondale, CO
      Associate Director Jorge Perez-Gallego
      Nature, Environment, Science, and Technology Studio for the Arts
    • Shakespeare Theatre Association Conference
      Director of Outreach Amanda Giguere
      Colorado Shakespeare Festival
    • Statewide Educator Institute for LGBTQ Inclusive Practices
      Assistant Research Professor Bethy Leonardi
      School of Education
    • Student and Stakeholder Strategic Planning for Sustainable Communities
      Professor Sharon Collinge
      Environmental Studies Program
    • Supporting Early Career Researcher Talks at Fiske Planetarium
      Education Programs Manager Briana Ingermann
      Fiske Planetarium (Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences)
    • Teaching Ethnography for Social Engagement Pedagogy Workshop
      Assistant Professor Kathryn Goldfarb

    2018–19 Awardees

    2017–18 Awardees

    • Collaborative Artist-Scholar Residency at Chatauqua with Public Presentation
      Professor/Chair, Department of Religious Studies David Shneer
      History, Religious Studies and Jewish Studies
    • Colorado River Water Delegation to Mexico
      Energy and Climate Justice Manager Michelle Gabrieloff
      Environmental Center
    • Colorado Shared Ownership Summit Travel Support
      Assistant Professor Nathan Schneider
      Media Studies
    • Distribute Colorado Business Economic Outlook Books
      Associate Director Brian Lewandowski
      Business Research Division
    • Evaluation and Understanding of Creative Districts in Colorado
      Graduate Research Assistant Jennifer Shelby
      Environmental Design
    • German Language Immersion Day 2018
      Instructor/Coordinator of Undergraduate German Language Instruction Ursula Jany
      Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
    • Laissez Les Bons Temp Rouler
      Assistant Professor Helanius Wilkins
      Theatre & Dance
    • Off-grid Renewable Energy in Rural Bolivia
      Undergraduate Research Assistant Janelle Isenhart, Biology and Chemical Engineering, Faculty Advisor Alan Mickelson, Electrical Engineering
    • Presenting Community-based Air Quality Research
      Graduate Research Assistant Ashley Collier-Oxandale, Faculty Advisor Michael Hannigan
      Environmental Engineering
    • Rethinking Digital Pedagogy with Community Partners: An Unconference
      Graduate Research Assistant Tarren Andrews, English, Faculty Advisor Laurie Gries, Department of Communication
    • State-wide Educator Institute for LGBTQ Inclusive Practices
      Research Associate Bethy Leonardi
      A Queer Endeavor, School of Education
    • Teachers of Color and Allies Summit
      Associate Professor Victoria Hand
      School of Education
    • The Korey Wise Innocence Project at CU Law
      Professor Kristy Martinez
      Colorado Law
    • Young Women's Vocal Empowerment Program - Egypt
      Graduate Research Assistant Sarah Fahmy, Faculty Advisor Beth Osnes
      Theatre & Dance