Maren Waldman
Creative Strategist Cohort 2021
Maren Waldman Dance and Healing Arts

Maren Waldman is a dance artist, educator, bodyworker and entrepreneur who has studied the body in motion for over two decades. Maren earned her MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from CU Boulder and has a BA in cultural Anthropology from Haverford College. She also is a licensed massage therapist and holds a certificate in permaculture. Maren has offered dance classes, private lessons, and healing arts to her communities since 2007 and led the budding dance program at Front Range Community College in Westminster for 5 years. Outside of teaching, her creative work has been focused on two ongoing environmental arts projects: Global Water Dances and Postcards to the Earth. Maren’s mission is to contribute to a future where care for the body and stewardship of the earth weave together to generate healing change. She lives in Longmont with her husband and two year old son. She has been focused on motherhood for the past two years and is thrilled to be stepping back into her creative work with this science & art collaborative practice. Learn more and connect with her at