Alejandra Abad
Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2020-21
Art & Art History • Interdisciplinary Art Practices

Alejandra Abad was born in Venezuela and partially raised in Florida. She is an interdisciplinary artist with a penchant for dense, fantastical landscapes and abstract shapes. Her style is informed by her studies in architecture at Florida Atlantic University and film, video, and new media at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her bachelor's of fine arts. She has participated in various shows across the United States and abroad, and she was a fellow of the Miami film and art nonprofit Borscht Corporation. In 2018 she received a fellowship at CU Boulder, where she is currently pursuing a master's of fine arts in interdisciplinary media arts practices. Her recent projects feature conceptual and collaborative pieces that work to break down the barriers between artist and audience. She creates installations using analog and digital processes, including painting, animation, sculpture, etc., to make immersive environments that reflect her identity and values. See her work on her website or Instagram.