The International Student Academic Success Program offers faculty and staff services and resources to support their work with international students. 


Individual or group consultations with Roberto Arruda, Director of International Student Academic Success, to develop strategies to support international students’ learning based on the specific needs of each student or class are available upon request. 

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Workshops are available upon request and will be adjusted to the individual needs of your department or program. Some common workshops are:

  • Intercultural Communication in the Classroom –  Our students come from very diverse backgrounds. Developing our intercultural communication skills helps us build stronger relationships and better understand our students. It also makes us more effective in the classroom.In this session, we will discuss some basic aspects of intercultural communication that have direct impact in the classroom. We will also talk about how to engage in future intercultural development. 
  • Responding to International Students’ Writing – In this session, we will discuss strategies that support international students with their writing. Most of our international students are non-native speakers of English and may be unfamiliar with our expectations toward academic writing at CU. 
  • Assessing International Students’ Learning – In this session, we will explore methods to assess the work of international students with varied English language proficiency without compromising academic rigor. Additionally, we will discuss formative and summative assessment practices that are inclusive of students from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Hidden Curriculum and International Students –  What do we expect students to know, and learn in addition to the learning outcomes stated in our syllabi? Considering the previous knowledge and skills we expect our students to already have, do international students experience a unique hidden curriculum? We will discuss how to uncover hidden expectations and to explore how to be more transparent in the classroom. 

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Relevant Readings

Explore relevant topics related to international student academic success. Most articles and books are available for the CU Boulder community through CU University Libraries or are open access resources.

Introduction to Academic Integrity and the Honor Code – Canvas Module

This Canvas module was designed to help students understand basic concepts related to academic integrity and the Honor Code. It can be added to any Canvas course without interfering with the overall course grades in Canvas. It covers the following:

  • Basic concepts of academic integrity
  • The Honor Code and the work of the Honor Code Office
  • Writing techniques to properly use other people's works in your papers
  • Important resources

You may download the module. To preview the module in Canvas, join Working With International Students.