Our group includes 17 faculty members who are driving innovation in everything from subwavelength lithography and silicon nanophotonics, to biomedical optics and solar energy. We're always looking for talented, driven graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to join the team!  

Application Fee Waiver
Qualified domestic students will have their application fee waived when they apply by Nov. 15. Learn more!
Here's how to get started: 
  1. Check out our Research Groups page to see whose lab best matches your interests. Feel free to contact faculty members directly if you have questions!  
  2. Visit the university's Graduate Admissions site to learn more about the admissions requirements and process.
  3. Learn more about department-specific requirements on the ECEE Graduate Admissions page. 
  4. Submit your application! 

Graduate Research Positions

Graduate fellowships, research assistantships (RA) and teaching assistantships (TA) are offered each year to qualified applicants. The first step is to apply to our graduate program. Students admitted to the program will automatically be considered for these positions, and top applicants will be invited to visit in the spring, with travel costs covered.

GaNN Fellowship Program

The goal of this fellowship program is to increase the number of outstanding graduate students trained in teaching and research in functional materials science and engineering. Coursework, research, industry internships, international opportunities and supervised teaching are provided in fundamental and applied aspects of functional materials science and engineering relevant to the fields of biological, chemical and electrical engineering, as well as computer and informational sciences. The program covers full salary, student fees, and tuition. Funds for conference travel are provided to encourage professional development.