We all have a role to play in making our campus more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

That's why we partner with groups across campus to foster educational and personal success for all students, staff and faculty. Through collaborative partnerships, we seek to:

  • Provide opportunities where students can develop academic and social skills. 
  • Support students through community-based learning, social action and intersectional identity development that fosters a growth mindset and encourages peer-to-peer advocacy.
  • Provide professional development that helps staff and faculty realize the value they and others bring to our community, to enhance a sense of belonging and engagement, to increase cultural competency and broaden our worldview.
  • Address systemic issues of racism within our institution related to recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students. 
  • Create an environment where historically excluded faculty, staff and students are reflected in the institution so that we authentically model inclusive excellence.