The Inclusive Culture Team (ICT) at CU Boulder provides education, training, workshops, resources and direct support to faculty and staff units as they work to accomplish their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals. The ICT is led by Senior Director Anthony Siracusa and Director Montez Butts.

The ICT also organizes and supports the twice annual Diversity and Inclusion Summit at CU Boulder. Additionally, the ICT organizes periodic events and initiatives that address campus needs around DEI work and serves as an on-campus resource for faculty and staff on their journey to inclusive excellence.

The ICT has more than a dozen pre-made educational modules that departments can request. The ICT is also available to discuss specific departmental concerns and can develop customized presentations and workshops that more directly address the needs of your department.

If you would like a workshop or training for your area, please submit the request form below. If you would like to have any other support from the ICT, please email us. We look forward to working with you!

Workshops for Faculty and Staff

The following pre-made workshops are all designed to last 90 minutes. Please submit a form to request a workshop.

Workshop Request Form

This workshop is an excellent place to begin the conversation with your department or unit about issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. It introduces the concepts of identity, implicit bias, anti-racism, and models of change.

This workshop advances the conversation started in the 101 modules by exploring how we develop knowledge and experience with difference, and how this knowledge and experience influences the way we engage with others.

This workshop advances the conversation started in 101 and 102 and provides specific frameworks and tools for thinking about how to advance change at the individual, unit, and institutional level.

Public Narratives are a tool developed by Marshall Ganz that help the individual to recognize and narrate their own identities. This workshop works well alongside the One-to-One relational meetings workshop.

One-to-One relational meetings are a tool designed to help individuals listen to the backgrounds and experience of others. This workshop works well alongside the Public Narratives workshop.

This workshop is designed to help faculty and staff understand unconscious bias, embrace diversity and implement strategies and behaviors to challenge implicit bias.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to explore their values, their leadership style and how they can be inclusive leaders in their communities.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to engage in dialogue across difference, learn bystander intervention strategies and understand their role in combating racism.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to recognize sexism and gender bias and learn strategies to promote gender equality.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to recognize that multiple identities intersect and interact with each other and understand how those identities can affect their privilege in society.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to develop awareness and understanding of important terminology around varying identities and embrace diversity through empathy and respect.

This workshop is designed for faculty and staff to become aware of and explore various microaggressions, evaluate language and word choices and improve civil discourse and open exchange with others.

The ICT can develop a customized workshop that builds on or combines any of the workshops above. Custom workshops must be requested at least three weeks in advance of the training date.