ODECE works with Emeritus Consulting, LLC to bring nationally renowned experts in inclusive pedagogy to campus.  

Inclusive Pedagogy Showcase: October 15 - 16

Tuesday, Oct. 15 | 8:30 - 10 am | UMC Aspen Rooms RSVP

Plenary Session: Inclusive Pedagogy as Opportunities for Innovation

Panelists: Provost Russ Moore, CU Boulder; Founding Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Kirk Ambrose, CU Boulder; Dr. Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy, and Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen

Please join visiting esteemed scholars and inclusive pedagogy experts for a panel discussion with Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen who served as a Vice President at AAC&U from 2001 - 2010, and Dr. Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy who served as executive director of NASPA from 1995 - 2012 and who is a Senior Fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Student Success. They will be joined by CU Boulder Provost Dr. Russell Moore and inaugural Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Dr. Kirk Ambrose. The panelists will discuss the central role that inclusive pedagogy plays in teaching excellence and student learning outcomes, and how it will be an increasingly vital element of teaching and learning well into the future. Establishing inclusive pedagogy as a hallmark of making excellence inclusive at CU Boulder also creates opportunities for collaborative innovation and research, as well as grant pursuits. The panelists will discuss what such opportunities might look like at CU Boulder, and how this work may have a broader impact on the P-K- 20 education pipeline. Participants will have time for discussion and Q&A. The session will be moderated by visiting education expert Ms. Sonja Armstrong.

Tuesday, Oct. 15 | 1 - 2:30pm | UMC Aspen Rooms RSVP

Becoming a Resilient Practitioner of Inclusive Pedagogy

Presenters: Dr. Ashley Finley, Dr. Karen Inkelas, Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen

Join us in welcoming back esteemed scholars and inclusive pedagogy specialists Dr. Ashley Finley and Dr. Karen Inkelas as they lead a hands-on workshop that explores the nuances of enhancing your role as an inclusive pedagogy practitioner. These specialists will join the session remotely and moderated in person by Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen. The session will offer opportunities for you to share and explore your successes and challenges of becoming an inclusive pedagogy practitioner. We expect this session to provide direct feedback about how to address some of the challenges the CU Boulder community has faced in implementing inclusive pedagogies and offer new strategies for newcomers to the discussion. We will also facilitate conversation with and engagement among Drs. Finely and Inkelas, new practitioners and those already implement these pedagogies. Session participants will leave with strong knowledge about how inclusive pedagogical practices can be implemented in accessible and effective ways.

Wednesday, Oct. 16 | 8:30 - 10:30 am | UMC 415-417 RSVP

Inclusive Pedagogy: The Way Forward

Presenters: Dr. George Kuh, Dr. Saundra McGuire, Dr. Thomas Nelson Laird, Dr. Kelly Mack, Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen

The opening workshop will be followed by two concurrent breakout sessions. We will first engage in a brief whole-group discussion, followed by two hands-on breakouts featuring guest specialists in inclusive pedagogy and learning assessment.  This preamble to the workshops will comment on the current state of inclusive pedagogy, and the scholarship on teaching and learning practices.

Following opening workshop

Breakout #1:  Pathways to Implementing Inclusive Pedagogies Pervasively
Presenters: Dr. Saundra McGuire, Dr. Kelly Mack, Ms. Sonja Armstrong

Moderated by Dr. Clayton-Pedersen, this session is designed to take a deep-dive into ways to advance these practices and look using the 4-M model to look at activities on the disciplinary, personal, departmental, institutional and levels. This session welcomes returning inclusive pedagogy experts Dr. Saundra McGuire and Dr. Kelly Mack to share their wisdom and inspire our thinking.

Breakout #2:  Pathways to Assessing the Impact of Inclusive Pedagogies Pervasively
Presenters: Dr. Thomas Nelson Laird, Dr. George Kuh, Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen

Moderated by Ms. Armstrong, this session is designed to address methods of robustly assessing the inclusive pedagogies that have been implemented or planned to be implemented. Participants will engage in discussion about considerations of assessment tools based on the learning outcomes expected from the practices they have used or expect to use. This session welcomes returning inclusive pedagogy and assessment specialists Dr. George Kuh and Dr. Thomas L. Nelson Laird.