In 2018, building on three years’ worth of work on the inclusive excellence initiative, Vice Chancellor Bob Boswell convened a committee charged with authoring a continuously renewing blueprint of actions designed to promote diversity, improve equity for all underserved people in the campus community, and support making excellence inclusive at all levels. 

This committee of students, faculty and staff, co-chaired by Daryl Maeda and Merna Jacobsen, and coordinated by project manager Alaina Beaver, engaged in many months of diligent work and submitted their draft of the IDEA Plan to Bob Boswell, and the rest of the campus community, on Nov. 9th, 2018. 

After receiving over 50 submissions online during the open feedback period, November 9th – December 15th, 2018, as well as feedback from 12 open town hall sessions, the Revising Committee convened again in the spring to review and analyze feedback and make edits and clarifying additions to the Plan. The revised draft of the Plan was submitted to Vice Chancellor Bob Boswell for his review, and he provided the Plan to the Chancellor's Cabinet by the end of the semester.

Text of the plan:

The entire CU Boulder campus community was invited to engage with the draft text of the Inclusion, Diversity and Excellence in Academic (IDEA) Plan and provide feedback over the course of a 30-day review period. The window to submit feedback about the IDEA plan has closed and the Revising Committee worked to integrate the comments received from students, staff and faculty.