What CCORE Is 

CCORE (formerly CACMA) is dedicated to enhancing the university's climate for diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. The committee assesses the campus environment and advises the chancellor and is also a resource for all university departments and individuals seeking to improve CU Boulder's climate for diversity and inclusion.

To carry out this charge, CCORE seeks to:     

  • Enhance awareness of issues that affect people of color. This includes organizing and implementing diversity-related activities and supporting the annual CU Diversity and Inclusion Summit.
  • Influence policy that affects people of color.
  • Support, recognize, and advocate for efforts to promote diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice within the campus community.

CCORE was officially created as the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Minority Affairs in the summer of 1987 when Chancellor James Corbridge, Jr. appointed a group of faculty members and campus administrators to serve on a committee to act as a sounding board for campus minority issues that arose throughout the year. The committee would also advise him on policies related to minority faculty, staff and students. The committee’s charge was to develop plans of action in the areas of minority faculty and staff recruitment and retention, minority student recruitment and retention, the development of greater cultural awareness through the curriculum, and the nurturing of a campus environment characterized by the appreciated of cultural values and diversity. Three subcommittees (faculty/staff recruitment, student recruitment, and curriculum development) returned in 1988 with twenty recommendations which lead in part to the implementation of the Cultural & Gender Diversity requirement in Arts and Sciences.

While the committee has had some lasting success over the years in advancing issues related to underrepresented populations on campus, there are concerns that the details of prior committee accomplishments might be lost to time and we hope not to duplicate efforts when commitments to act may have already been put in place. To address these issues, CCORE has charged itself with developing an historical archive in an effort to preserve the successes of the committee as well as attempting to maintain a record of the ongoing challenges relating to goals yet to be met and campus initiatives where ongoing support is needed. To this end, the committee has met with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement created as a full-time office in March 1998, who has assumed some of the projects/responsibilities originally assigned to CACMA and the University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG), who had begun to undertake a similar effort in tracking student activist movement.

More recently, CUSG made significant progress toward a building an archival website to which CCORE will link, and held a launch party in April 2013. CCORE has also recently met with ODECE in order begin work on organizing scanning notebooks and other related historical documents in support of the project. While the CCORE History Project is still a work in progress, the idea has been adopted by the Chancellor Advisor Committees Chairs with the hope that all chancellor’s committees also work toward producing a record or their histories as well.

The CCORE Diversity Service Recognition Awards recognize CU Boulder students, staff and faculty who have successfully and effectively worked to promote the principles of inclusive excellence by implementing diversity-related activities in teaching and learning, higher education program management and leadership development. This award is to recognize anyone, group, or department that has supported, recognized, and advocates for efforts that promote diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice within the campus community. The recipient will receive a $500 award.

Recipients will be chosen by a selection panel composed of members of CCORE and will be recognized at the Equity and Excellence Celebration on April 25. 

Recipients will be chosen by a selection panel composed of members of CCORE and will be recognized at the Equity and Excellence Celebration in the Spring of 2019. Check back this Fall for information on how to apply.

CCORE's Diversity Service Recognition Awards have been presented to the following campus units for their continuing efforts to create a diverse and supportive learning, working, and living environment, as well as for their commitment to promoting an understanding of multicultural issues:


  • SWAP (Student Workers Alliance Program)
  • CU Café Speaker Series


  • CU Dialogues Program


  • Program for Writing and Rhetoric
  • Biological Science Initiative


  • Diversity Service Recognition Award: the Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (SORCE)
  • Student Academic Success Center (SASC)


  • BOLD Center
  • CU Engineering


  • Hallett Hall Diversity Team
  • Interactive Theatre Project


  • Cultural Events Board
  • Michelle Trevino, Faculty & Staff Assistance Program


  • American Indian Law Clinic
  • International Student and Scholar Services
  • Office of Discrimination and Harassment
  • Special Recognition award to Vice Chancellor Ron Stump of the Division of Student Affairs
  • UMC Connection


  • Department of Human Resources
  • Hallet Hall Diversity Staff
  • Special Recognition awards went to Christine Yoshinaga-Itano and MaryAnn Sergeant, both from the Office of Diversity and Equity


  • Integrated Teaching and Learning Program
  • INVST Community Studies Program
  • Special recognition awards went to Marino Lerma and L. Michele Romero of University Memorial Center Food Services for their help with 2006 Diversity Summit


  • Minority Arts and Sciences Program (MASP)
  • Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP)
  • School of Law
  • Latina/o Law Student Association
  • Monteith Mitchell (CACMA member service recognitition award)


  • Office of Financial Aid
  • Multicultural Engineering Program (a CU LEAD Alliance Program)
  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Facilities Planning Office
  • Bernadette Garcia (CACMA member service recognition award)


  • Ethnomusicology Faculty
  • GLBT Resource Center
  • Interactive Theatre Project of Wardenburg Health Center
  • Program for Teaching East Asia
  • University of Colorado Museum
  • Women's Resource Center


  • Office of Admissions’ Multicultural Access and Community Affairs Team (MACA)
  • Ethnic Living and Learning Community
  • School of Law: Natural Resources Law Center
  • Ron Gallegos (CACMA memberservice recognition award)


  • Boulder Campus Staff Council
  • Department of Housing
  • Anderson Language Technology Center
  • UMC Scheduling (CACMA member service recognition award)
  • UMC Catering (CACMA member service recognition award)


  • Building Community Campaign
  • Graduate Teacher Program


  • Center for the American West
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: A Multicultural Center
  • Family Housing


  • Student Academic Services Center
  • Theatre and Dance


  • The Graduate School
  • Cultural Unity Student Center Leadership Program


  • Institute for Multicultural Development
  • BUENO Center for Multicultural Education