The Chancellor's Accessibility Committee (CAC) shall assist the administration to understand the campus climate regarding access issues (which include physical, mobility, digital issues, among others) related to individuals with both short and long-term disabilities.    

  • Raise awareness of the existing campus disability-related resources available.
  • Serve as a resource of campus experts in the various areas of campus disability and accessibility issues.
  • Provide a forum for campus members and members of the public to state concerns about campus climate or other matters related to disability and accessibility issues
  • Collect information on campus-wide concerns related to disability and accessibility

  • Advise the Chancellor and provide recommendations on issues related to climate and campus culture as it impacts individuals with disabilities
  • Assist in educating and bringing awareness to the campus on the ADA and other disability-related laws and matters
  • Actively work to carry out CU Boulder's philosophy of providing services that are equitable to recipients of all abilities and that treat the recipient with dignity.

  • Accessible Campus Transportation (ACT) Program 
    • CAC is working with Parking and Transportation Services and Athletics to design a pilot program to help students, staff, and faculty members with permanent and temporary mobility. 
  • Inclusive Bathrooms 
    • CAC is working with the other Chancellor's Committees to help improve accessible and inclusive bathrooms on campus. 
  • Engagement with Ongoing Digital Accessibility Efforts, Trainings, and Disability