Call for Membership on the Chancellor's Advisory Committees

Since 1987, each University of Colorado Boulder Chancellor has welcomed the input from the Chancellor Advisory Committees regarding continuous improvement of the social campus climate. The Advisory Committees offer talented university members the opportunity to promote and cultivate a welcoming and equitable campus environment for all students, faculty and staff. The committee chairs encourage everyone to consider serving on one of the committees. Usually, the amount of time for committee work ranges between 2-4 hours per month. Our university is one that is known for its social conscience, and the Chancellor Advisory Committees contribute greatly to maintaining a healthy, positive campus climate. We welcome the support of everyone in supporting the committees in their earnest efforts on behalf of us all. For more information, contact Alphonse Keasley, or 303-492-5479

The Chancellor's Advisory Committees

The Chancellor's Advisory Committees oversee initiatives, provide feedback and address campus climate issues related to gender, race and ethnicity, disability/accessibility, and sexual identity.

  • The Chancellor's Committee on Race and Ethnicity (CCORE) is dedicated to enhancing the university's climate for diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. More Information about CCORE
  • The Chancellor's Committee for Women (CCW) is an informed advocate for all women on the campus. More information about CCW
  • The Chancellor's Accessibility Committee (CAC) assists the administration and the ADA coordinator to ensure that people with disabilities are afforded access to programs, services, and activities offered by CU-Boulder. More Information about CAC
  • The Chancellor's Committee on Gender and Sexuality aims to represent the interests and concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people within the university community. More Information about the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Gender and Sexuality

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