Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Summit Theme: The Power of Community - Courage, Healing, and Unity

The unprecedented events in our nation are actively challenging us to choose between comfort or courage in how we learn, teach, and work. The loss of connection has impacted the ways we interact in a physically separated world. The theme of this semester’s virtual Diversity and Inclusion Summit is “The Power of Community - Courage, Healing, and Unity.”

The goal of the Summit is to provide a foundation to help us build community resilience, foster mutual respect, and promote empowerment, visibility, validation and unity among students, faculty and staff. We will explore the multiple intersecting events that affect our campus community, because they also impact the broader community of our region and our nation.

Our need for a more inclusive, diverse and equitable environment has deepened the importance of courage, healing, and unity as we move forward together through these uncertain times. We hope that you will join us remotely to engage with, draw strength from, and be inspired by the power of our community.