November 10, 2020 | Remote Day of Workshops

Theme: Inclusion, Resilience, and Service

As a community, we acknowledge that our work towards a more inclusive, diverse and equitable environment is always situated within the broader context of our society. We are linked to the social climate of our campus, our region, our state and our nation. For this year’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit, there will be a remote day of workshops. Under the theme “Inclusion, Resilience and Service,” we will explore the multiple intersecting events effecting our immediate community, because they are impacting our broader community.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we learn, teach and work remotely and has altered the ways we create inclusive communities when we are physically separated. This has deepened the meanings of resilience and service, and exposed them as both burden and promise. The remote workshop series will also feature a session that will allow the CU Boulder community to extend our ongoing conversation on academic freedom in connection with inclusive pedagogy.

We hope that you will join us remotely to help extend the conversation of these intersecting topics, to build awareness, foster community and connections, and equip participants with actionable ideas and strategies to move forward. More information will be forthcoming.