Jamin Rader headshot
SOARS Protégé

Currently a Graduate Research Fellow at Colorado State University (1/2021) ~~~ Brief Bio: Jamin Rader joins the Oceans and Climate Lab for the summers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 as a SOARS Protégé. Jamin adds to a growing faction of the lab hailing from the University of Washington, where he is majoring in Atmospheric Sciences and minoring in Applied Math. Jamin is passionate about continuing his education to better understand and advocate for this place we share. Jamin's 2017 summer research explored the variability of temperature and chlorophyll in the Red Sea using satellite data and numerical models. In 2018, Jamin investigated trends in diurnal temperature variability in observations and global climate models. After returning for the summer of 2019, Jamin will begin pursuing a graduate degree at the CSU Department of Atmospheric Science.