The Search for Life

May 27, 2016

How do astronomers search for life outside our solar system? What techniques do they use to find planets revolving around other stars? Take a look at TRAPPIST-1. Could its planets hold life?


May 21, 2016

Learn how to actually look into the sky today and see a comet. Learn about the kinds of components that make it up and how they cause the meteor showers that we see on Earth. Also learn about the history of Aquarius from Greek mythology and see it in the night sky!

Life from Death

May 14, 2016

Are we star dust? Take a look at a star's life cycle and see how crucial elements are made that later support life. Also look at our sun. Will it supernova?

Orion Is Challenged By Scorpio

May 8, 2016

Find out where the visible planets will be in the sky and what time is best for viewing. Also become familiar with the famous constellation of Scorpio as it rises in the sky. When looking at the stars it can also be handy to know this neat trick for telling distances between stars.