Wright's Mesa Gazes into Deep Space

Oct. 30, 2016

Learn about the new format for Norwood's star stories. Also, see the first deep-space picture taken on Wright's Mesa. What's the night sky look like for the coming month?

The Dream is Coming True

Oct. 9, 2016

Hear first-hand from a member of Wright's Mesa and his introduction into the night sky. He has joined the effort toward maintaining Norwood's dark skies, and you can too. If you want to join the cause, leave a comment or support letter!

Norwood and the Gobi Desert

Oct. 2, 2016

Read about the successful "test" location for expert astronomers and what equipment they used. One even brought a light sensor to test the light pollution. What were the results?

Mission to Mars is a GO!

Sept. 25, 2016

Is Mars our next destination in the solar system? Many people think so and are already planning for the trip in about a decade.

Stargazers Visit Norwood: Serendipity in Action

Sept. 18, 2016

Norwood seeks to be the first Dark Sky town on the western slope of Colorado. Read about the different organizations already in progress and how we are starting to meet some of the many requirements to get certified.

Dark Sky Difficulties

Sept. 11, 2016

What does it take to get International Dark Sky (IDA) certified? Also, what can we do to attract other astronomers to one of the best places on Earth to view the night sky?


Sept. 4, 2016

Explore the rings of our solar system, including Jupiter. But could a smaller object, like an asteroid, have rings?

Our Laboratory of the Universe

Aug. 28, 2016

Isn't it amazing the new technology that we have that allows us to gaze across the universe? Using this great resource we can find new planets that look just like Earth!

Planet Number Nine?

Aug. 21, 2016

Have we been ignoring our ninth member of the solar system? Or is it even there?

Star News

Aug. 14, 2016

What's the mystery about Tabby's Star? Also, it can never be too early to start preparing for the next total solar eclipse!