Many Denver-Boulder area members of the news media have received media parking permits for CU Boulder campus parking in the past. Going forward, news fleets will be issued virtual passes, allowing you to park on our campus without having to keep track of a physical placard.

CU Parking Services (PS) is now using license plate reader (LPR) technology, allowing us to proactively certify news vehicles with parking privileges for any permit or hourly pay-to-park lots on our campus. Please see below for use and restrictions.

The Process

CU Boulder Strategic Media Relations will be in touch with fleet managers periodically to acquire plate numbers for news vehicles likely to be used on campus. We will issue passes to news company vehicles in the Denver-Boulder metro area. We will also collect plate numbers from personal vehicles typically used for gathering news. Unless you are a fleet manager or assignment desk personnel, no action is required of you.

If you typically drive a company vehicle and need to use a personal vehicle in an emergency, or if you need to register a new company vehicle, please email or call 303-735-0122.


  • No need to display a permit, eliminating “Forgot to Display” citations
  • No need to exchange or pick up a permit
  • If the vehicle is unmarked, no identifiable “media” markings

Use & Restrictions

Authorized and Unauthorized Areas remain the same as with previous physical permits.

Authorized Areas

  • Any single space per vehicle in permit or hourly pay-to-park lots (Contact Strategic Media Relations if oversized vehicle access is needed)

Unauthorized Areas

  • Red Service Meters
  • Reserved Spaces
  • Yellow Curbs/Sidewalks
  • Areas signed “No Parking” or “Fire Lane”
  • ADA spots (unless with an ADA placard or plate)