Daniel J Szafir
Assistant Professor
Computer Science • Atlas Institute

Rosser ATLAS Building
University of Colorado Boulder
1125 18th St. 320 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309-0320 USA

Daniel Szafir is an Assistant Professor working in both the Department of Computer Science and the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. He joined CU-Boulder in 2015 after receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Dr. Szafir's research is focused on building knowledge of how we can design novel sensing, interactive, and robotic technologies that enable new forms of human assistance. His work blends methods from computer science, design, engineering, and cognitive science to develop human-centered methods and principles for developing technologies that adapt to and augment human activities. His research is aimed at leveraging emerging technologies, including small flying robots, wearable brain-computer interface sensors, and immersive virtual environments, to enhance human capabilities in application domains including collaborative work, education, and space exploration. His research has produced new algorithms to govern robot behaviors, computer interface technologies to enhance student learning, design guidelines that can improve robot usability and safety, and insights regarding human psychology and work practices.

Selected Publications:

D. Szafir, B. Mutlu, and T. Fong (2015). Designing Mechanisms for Communicating Directionality in Flying Robots. In Proceedings of the 10th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2015), Portland, Oregon.

A. Sauppé, D. Szafir, C.M. Huang, and B. Mutlu (2015). From 9 to 90: Engaging Learners of All Ages. In Proceedings of the 2015 ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE 2015), Kansas City, MO.

D. Szafir, B. Mutlu, and T. Fong (2014). Communication of Intent in Assistive Free Flyers. In Proceedings of the 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI 2014), Bielefeld, Germany.

D. Szafir and B. Mutlu (2013). ARTFuL: Adaptive Review Technology for Flipped Learning. In Proceedings of the 31st ACM/SigCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2013), Paris, France.

D. Szafir and B. Mutlu (2012). Pay Attention! Designing Adaptive Agents that Monitor and Improve User Engagement. In Proceedings of the 30th ACM/SigCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing (CHI 2012), Austin, TX.