Rachel Marbarker
Graduate Student • Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

My current research is focused on how people value effort in motor learning tasks. Using a robotic arm manipulandum and  a split belt treadmill, I am exploring how effort affects the  learning or retention of movements in arm reaching and walking experiments. 


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Lafayette College, 2019

Bachelor of Art, Mathematics, Lafayette College, 2019


Farrens AJ, Marbaker R, Lilley M, Sergi F, Triaing Propulsion: Locomotor adaptation to accelerations of the trailing limb. ICORR 2019

Utter B, Marbaker R, Eschen K, Abel J, Open-source experimental setup for investigating the actuation behavior of active textiles, HardwareX (2019)

Marbaker R, Utter B, Eschen K, Abel J, Preliminary Experimental Investigation of Control Parameters for the Electroresistive Heating of SMA Knitted Textiles. Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent System (2019)