Please submit this form by at least 1 month before initiating your research for evaluation by the University-Forest Service Committee. Permission to work in the Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve (NWBR) will not be given for late application forms, unless special justification is provided by the investigator. Researchers who have not provided research summaries of previous manipulative experiments will not be granted permission to work in the NRBR until summaries are received. (* denotes a required field)

Personal Information
Institution Information
University Vehicles
Researchers who wish to drive University vehicles must be 26 years old, or must take the University's defensive driving course. Those driving University leased vans will be responsible for accident reports and paying the insurance deductible if necessary. Please provide the following information if you wish to be on the driving list.

Social Security Number
The MRS will need a Social Security Number from any individual wishing to drive University vehicles. We will contact you directly for this information.

Logistic Requirements
If you wish to rent a cabin at MRS, please fill out an application for housing or contact the station manager (303 492-8842).
n.b. Researchers will be billed for use of electrical power at the tundra lab and other facilities along the Niwot Ridge Road, and must be pre-approved by the MRS. In addition vehicle access to the Niwot Ridge Road requires rental of the padlock key ($10/week). Contact Kelly Matheson to arrange a key rental.

The MRS has some field and laboratory equipment available for use by researchers. If you require such equipment please contact the MRS to find out availability of equipment. List below any equipment which you plan to ask to borrow, or if you plan to store samples in refrigerators or drying ovens.

Note: If you will be commuting to Niwot Ridge or the City of Boulder Watershed (permit required), there will be a van leaving the Marr Lab every morning at 7.30. These vans are supported by the LTER program, and will accommodate LTER researchers first, others may catch a ride only if space is available.
Research Plan
Please enclose a research proposal with the following information if available. Please also include information where requested on this form.


Please describe in a paragraph your research plan, including:

  1. the organisms or features to be studied
  2. the specific methods to be used, including sample sizes for soil, plant, and animal collection
  3. period during which your research will be conducted this season, and 
  4. the length of the research program.
n.b. A complete copy of any proposal that includes work at MRS or the Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve must be given to MRS; this proposal will be held confidential. If you would like a letter of support for your proposal, please contact Bill Bowman, Director MRS.


Manipulative Research

If you are planning manipulative research, defined as anything that will alter the natural environment (collecting soils, plants or plant parts, alteration of the microclimate, placement of collection systems), or if you plan to put permanent markers or chemical or isotopic tracers in the field, please fill out the rest of this section. Researchers not doing manipulative research may skip this section.

Research markers will not be allowed on Niwot Ridge without permission.
If yes, you will need a permit from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216 phone: 303-945-4717) and you will need to submit documentation from your instituion's IACUC form.
Watershed Permits
Boulder Watershed Permits must be obtained to work in the City of Boulder Watershed. Complete the following information if you wish to apply for a permit. Permits will not be granted after research has been initiated.

Thank you for cooperation in completing this form. We all have a vested interest in keeping good records of research in the Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve and surrounding areas, and in minimizing environmental impacts. Please contact MRS if we can provide additional information or assistance.

For more information please contact:
Dr. Bill Bowman, Director

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