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About SASC Pre Law Group:

The legal field is extremely competitive. SASC offeres a Pre-Law program that can help students make informed decisions about their legal education and career. Activities will include information on admissions and financial-aid, touring the CU Law School, building connections, and meeting attorneys from various fields. This group is intended to promote interaction with peers as well as professionals to create a foundation for any student interested in law school. If you are interested, attend an event or reach out to us. If you have further questions, please feel free to email or


Benefits of the SASC Pre-Law Group:
  • Work with student who share the same passion in pursuing Law school or anything that is a prerequisite for law school
  • Work closely with Advisors in the Law school
  • LSAT “Tips and Tricks"
  • Meet Alumni Students who went to Law school and hear their experience
  • Learn how to be successful for Law School

Wednesday, February 3- 4:00-5:30pm Kristine Jackson 

·        Talk with the Admissions and Financial Director of the University of Colorado Law School. She will be discussing admission requirements including G.P.A, LSAT scores, as well as financial planning. She will also be holding a resume building activity with advice on the best attributes to add on your resume. This would be a good chance to make professional connections, understand the admissions process, and strengthen your resume. 


Wednesday, February 24- 4:00pm-5:30pm Paul Chin  

·        Description: Interested in the Public Defender's office? Talk with a law school student who has worked in the Public Defender's office. Hear his experiences and what it is like to be a Public Defender. Get a chance to understand his law school journey and how he got internships in the Public Defender's Office. 

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Thursday, March 4 – 6:00pm-7:30pm Law Student Panel 

·        Have your questions answered about what it's like to apply to Law School with our Law-Student panel. We have three amazing law-students at the University of Colorado’s Law School who are coming in to talk about their experiences of applying to Law School. They will be talking about what made them stand out in the application process, why they chose CU Law, what path they took to get to Law School and much more! This is a great opportunity to ask questions that you have about the preparation and application process to students who have been in your shoes. 

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Saturday, March 27 – 10:00am-12:00pm LSAT Practice Test 

·        The SASC Pre-Law Program is offering a FREE LSAT prep test. This is a great opportunity no matter where you are in preparing for the exam. This prep test will show you where you are in your studying for the exam, and will indicate what topics could use some more work. Note: in order for this to be a synchronous event we will need at least 5 participants. If you would like to register for the exam, please email either Aidan or Riya at or by March 20th. 

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Wednesday, April 7 – 5:00pm-6:30pm Matthew Van Wyhe 

·        SASC instructor Matthew Van Wyhe will be reviewing the hardest topics from the LSAT prep test offered on March 27th. Mr. Van Wyhe will go over how to approach the different types of LSAT questions and will go over examples from the LSAT prep test. This is a great opportunity to learn methods and strategies to improve your LSAT score and to start your studying on the right track. 

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Weekly Study Groups for SASC Pre-Law:

Get a chance to expose yourself to different ways of thinking and learning. This study group is intended to bring together a group of enthusiastic Pre-Law students that are willing to take the initiative to prepare of the LSAT. This group will provide the support and community encouragement to continue the motivation to study for the LSAT.

  • Application for weekly study group
    • First, Last name
    • Dates and times available to attend
  • Expectations for SASC Pre-Law study group:
    • Required to attend 5 out of the 6 study groups except for extenuating circumstances
    • Create a comfortable social environment for peers to ask questions and learn.
    • Expected to be respect each other’s time.
    • Communication with everyone in the group and a willingness to learn!

Pre-Law Highlights

Pre-Law Panel

March 4, 2021 –

SASC Pre-Law students meet with a panel of law students, including a SASC alum, at a Spring 2021 semester event.


Pre Law

Feb. 12, 2020 –

It was inspirational to meet with so many SASC students interested in law!  We had a chance to meet each other and talk with McNeill alum Clement Asante, who is enrolled in the CU Law School.  We heard first hand advice on how to build our resume to be competitive for law school, and gained insights into life as a law school student.  Clement also shared about faculty, students and diversity in law school.

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