Daniel Gutierrez-Mendoza
Aerospace Engineering


Daniel was born and raised in Mexico City, where he attended high school and dreamed of someday becoming a rocket scientist or a spacecraft designer. At age 17 he moved to Boulder to purse an Aerospace Engineering degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating this May 2022. He plans to pursue a masters degree in aerospace engineering.  When Daniel is not in school or doing research, he is riding his mountain bike on the Boulder trail network.  


Daniel’s undergraduate research on bioastronautics focused on human cognition and performance of astronaut-like subjects during highly demanding spacecraft piloting task. During his time at Dr. Allison Anderson’s laboratory, he assisted PI’s and graduate students to develop experimental designs and performed human testing in several subjects. Additionally, Daniel assisted in the development of a lunar lander simulator at the bioastronautics laboratory during his research assistantship for Dr. Torin Clark at the aerospace department.

Research Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Allison Anderson, Assistant Professor, Bioserve Space Technologies

Dr. Torin Clark, Assistant Professor, Bioserve Space Technologies

Daniel's McNair Scholars mentor was Sophie Anderson