McNair Scholars in our program will receive:

  • $2800 stipend to support a Research Internship during at least one summer
  • Paid tuition to attend a summer McNair Research Design & Methods course (3 credits), plus $1100 for living expenses
  • Paid travel to research conferences, regional and national
  • Paid travel to visit prospective graduate school programs
  • Research mentorship with a CU faculty member in your field
  • Mentoring from current graduate students in your field and in related fields
  • GRE preparation & GRE exam fee reduction waivers
  • Seminars focused on preparing competitive application in to graduate study, including:
    • How to get funding for graduate study
    • Research proposal writing
    • Grant proposal writing
    • The culture of graduate school
    • PhD to Industry
    • Smart financial decisions for graduate school
    • & more!
  • Support of the McNair Scholars community, both locally and nationwide

McNair Scholars Participation Requirements:

  • 2 intensive coaching sessions per semester with McNair advisors
  • Attend monthly seminars/workshops in Fall & Spring, as well as community building events
  • 1 scholarly activity per year (such as a research conference)
  • 1 McNair Scholars Program Retreat per year
  • 1 McNair summer course per year
  • Work closely with a faculty research mentor to develop and implement a research plan
  • Completion of 1 research internship, including the creation of a conference-ready poster presentation
  • Prepare for and complete the GRE
  • Complete competitive applications to at least 3 graduate programs of your choice


Interested in Becoming a McNair Scholar? Click here to learn more about our eligibilty requirements and application process