A Group of Students Happily Posing for a Photo on Norlin QuadEvery summer, MASP invites highly motivated incoming freshmen from traditionally underrepresented groups and/or who are first-generation college students to its summer Program for Excellence in Academics and Community (PEAC), a rigorous academic program focusing on intensive university-level material and giving students an opportunity to form a strong community that will serve them during their freshman year and beyond. PEAC students have impressive high school credentials and are among the top students in their schools. This summer program is designed to show students how to go from being outstanding in high school to being outstanding at CU. No matter how prepared you think you are for university life, PEAC will challenge you and improve your chances for success at CU-Boulder. PEAC is tailor-made for students who want to spend four weeks of their summer participating in a challenging and rewarding experience. The online PEAC Summer 2018 application will open on Janaury 16th, 2018!

Academic Enrichment

During the PEAC program students will take a variety of intense and challenging courses reflective of a liberal arts education, including classes in literature, science, math, arts and social science. In the past we have offered classes such as “The Graphic Novel,” “Disease Biology,” “Statistics,” “Drawing” and “Social Justice.” Current MASP students report that their PEAC classes are what really prepared them for college classes, giving them a sense of confidence when starting out in the fall.

Instructor Office Hours

Every PEAC instructor holds office hours when she/he is accessible to the students. We encourage all students to utilize their instructors to seek clarification of the material and discuss their individual ideas/progress and learn more about a given topic relevant to the course.

Community Building

PEAC consistently builds an encouraging and supportive academic community for students at CU-Boulder. Throughout our program—in classes, in the residence hall, and through other activities – we emphasize the diversity of our student experiences and backgrounds. We believe that students who learn to live and work with each other and value their diverse community will be more successful and productive members of the larger university community.

Beyond coursework, PEAC students will participate in a CU new-student orientation as well as the following group activities and trips that help develop a sense of community and a strong cohort of friends:

PEAC 2017 Community-Building Activities
  • Whitewater River Rafting
  • Challenge Course
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Fiske Planetarium
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Local Activities: Volleyball, Frisbee, Soccer, Yoga, and More!

MASP students consistently cite PEAC as the place where they developed their strongest friendships at CU.

Program Costs

Students accepted to PEAC participate free of charge. PEAC covers the cost of instruction, room and board, and a number of fun community building activities. Students who successfully complete the PEAC program receive a $1000 stipend and become eligible for MASP and its related participation scholarship of $1500 per academic year.

MASP Eligibility

Students who successfully complete PEAC and enroll at CU-Boulder in the Fall are eligible to become members of MASP. During the academic year, MASP awards to each student in good standing a participation scholarship of up to $1500/year, provides credit-bearing seminars for first- and second-year students, offers faculty mentoring, holds social events, organizes programs with renowned CU faculty, and provides access to a community space for studying and social interactions. MASP students have many opportunities to develop a network of friends and peers, to meet scholarly professionals in a variety of academic disciplines, and to carry out hands-on research.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at masp@colorado.edu if you have questions about the PEAC summer program or the academic year program in MASP.