Published: Aug. 15, 2019
Marshak Bass
Marshak RIEcho

Dr. Marshak was featured in the Sports section of the August 2019 issue of the Rhode Island Echo for his massive 32 lb striped bass that he caught in Newport RI on light tackle using a live sand eel. He caught this lunker aboard Captain John Sheriff's boat "Fish On II" during a free afternoon of the Organometallics Gordon Research Conference, where he later gave a talk about his research program. Fellow anglers included Adam Veige (organizer), Alex Carpenter, David Powers, Elon Ison, Christine Thomas, Joshue Figueroa, Vincent LaVallo, Daniel Mindiola, Caleb Martin, Connie Lu, Glen Alliger, Chris Chang, Leon Maser, May Copsey, and many others!

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