Published: May 15, 2024

Headshot of Dr. S.N. NyeckDr. S.N. Nyeck, Ethnic Studies Professor and LGBTQ Studies Affiliate Faculty, has been awarded the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship. This program, funded by the Carnegie Corporation supports projects that allow African scholars in the U.S. to invest in Higher Education in Africa. Nyeck's job is to contribute to a womanist curriculum co-development that will strengthen the mission and vision of the Center for Women and Gender Studies (Mandela University, South Africa) and the SARCHI Chair in Sexualities, Gender, and Queer Studies (University of Fort Hare, South Africa). 

In collaboration with the Universities of Fort Hare and Mandela, Nyeck will work to develop an online-based module (Master Class) on womanist methodologies;  teach a seminar on Queer Ethics and Indigeneity (four weeks); give a public lecture on the theme of Engagement, Queerness, Post-Colonial State Violence; serve as an advisor for the Master of Arts in Gender Studies (Mandela University); visit and explore the Eastern Cape of South Africa (Makhanda/Alice/Ginsberg/Mthatha); and propose research collaboration and programmatic opportunities between CU Boulder/CAAAS and the University of Fort Hare and Mandela University in South Africa.

Congratulations Dr. Nyeck!