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Subject Course ID Title
ANTH 1140 Exporing a Non-Western Culture: The Maya
ANTH 4220 From Olmec to Aztec: The Archaeology of Mexico
ARTH 3729 Foundations in Latin American Art
ETHN 2001 Foundations of Comparative Ethnic Studies: Race, Gender and Culture(s)
ETHN 4306 The Chicana and Chicano and U.S. Social Systems
GEOG 4002 Topics in Human and Environment/Society Geography: Geography of the Andes
HIST 1018 Introduction to Early Latin American History to 1810
HIST 3018 Seminar in Latin American History
HIST 4018 Aztecs, Incas, and the Spanish Conquest of the Americas
HIST 4128 The History of Modern Mexico Since 1821
HIST 4527 Mexican-American History since 1848
LAMS 1000 Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies
QUEC 1010 Beginning Quechua 1
QUEC 1020 Beginning Quechua 2
QUEC 2010 Intermediate Quechua 1
PORT 2800 Brazil: Past and Present
PORT 3220 Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil
PORT 4150 Literature of the Portuguese Speaking World: Brazil/Port Modernist Poetry
PSCI 3032 Democracy, Inequality and Violence in Latin America
PSCI 4012 Global Development
PSCI 4131 Latinos and the U.S. Political System
SOCY 3161 Global Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
SPAN 1000 Cultural Difference through Hispanic Literature
SPAN 3000 Advanced Spanish Language Skills
SPAN 3002 Advanced Spanish Conversation
SPAN 3010 Advanced Rhetoric and Composition
SPAN 3100 Literary and Cultural Analysis in Spanish
SPAN 3220 Latin American Culture: Spanish America and Brazil
SPAN 4110 Hispanic Women Writers
SPAN 4120 Literature and Cinema in Spain and Latin America
SPAN  4215 Spanish in the United States
WGST 2600 Introduction to Global Gender, Race and Sexuality Studies
WGST 3600 Latina/x Studies
WGST 3620 Women of Color and Activism
WGST 4100 Gender and Indigeneity in Literature and Films of the Americas