Andy Cowell is Professor in the Anthropology Department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dr. Cowell is a specialist in Linguistic Anthropology. He is originally from the South (of the US) but moved to Colorado at the age of twelve. He obtained his BA from Harvard in 1986, then spent a year in Europe on a fellowship to investigate minority romance languages -- Occitan, Catalan, and Rhaeto-Romance. Dr. Cowell obtained his PhD from UC-Berkeley in French in 1993, and then spent two years in Hawaii, where his wife was completing work towards an MA in Pacific Island Studies (she is native Hawaiian) and got involved with Hawaiian and Tahitian languages. He was originally hired at CU in 1995 in the Department of French and Italian, where he worked on historical anthropology (focusing on the Middle Ages, using literary and other sources). Then, he shifted the focus of his work to contemporary Native America and linguistic anthropology, with a continuing secondary interest in Polynesia. He joined the Linguistics Department in 2003 and has since served two times as Chair.