The Conference has a hybrid format. This means that all panels and roundtables will be both online or onsite. If you are planning to take part of the Conference online please register to receive the Zoom link to roundtables. If you plan to attend in person, no registration is necessary.

Please note that each roundtable requires its own registration.Therefore, when you fill out the registration form.Please fill out all the boxes of the conferences that you are planning to attend. The form allows you to mark/chose as many roundtables as you need.

You must register for the online format at least 24 hours before the event. Some exceptions can be made but there is not guarantee. Please register as soon as possible!.

If you are planning to take part of the conference in both hybrid and onsite please register for the online part.

* The Dance/Music Workshop, Quechua Games and the Guatemalan Painting Exhibition will be only onsite.

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