Sabrina Leigh Spencer
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry

Sabrina earned her PhD in Computational and Systems Biology from MIT in 2009. During her PhD, she worked in Peter Sorger's lab on non-genetic origins of cell-to-cell variability in apoptosis. She then pursued postdoctoral studies in Tobias Meyer's lab at Stanford University where she explored the molecular basis of the restriction point using live-cell microscopy. In August 2014, Sabrina became an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado - Boulder. In 2016, Sabrina was named a Searle Scholar, a Kimmel Scholar, a Beckman Young Investigator, a Boettcher Early Career Investigator, in 2017, a Pew-Stewart Scholar, in 2018, an American Cancer Society Research Scholar and an NIH Director's New Innovator, and in 2020, a Damon Runyon Rachleff Innovator and a Mark Foundation for Cancer Research Emerging Leader.  She was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2021.