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"Whatever Colorado Needs Us to Be": The Colorado Sun 2021 Public Benefit Report

Sept. 9, 2021

We at MEDLab are proud to have had the opportunity to produce the 2021 Public Benefit Report for the Colorado Sun, a pioneering, journalist-owned news organization that is strengthening the information ecosystem statewide. This report helps fulfill the Sun's obligation as a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation, an incorporation structure that...

Cover of Community Rules: Simple Templates for Great Communities

Community Rules: Simple Templates for Great Communities

July 15, 2021

Download here Creating communities has never been easier. Online social networks enable groups to form among people who might never otherwise meet—across borders, even within neighborhoods, and around common causes that might otherwise remain isolated and underground. Getting involved in a community can be as easy as pressing “join.” But...

Exit to Community: A Community Primer

Exit to Community: A Community Primer

Aug. 31, 2020

DOWNLOAD: SCREEN / BOOKLET What is a startup for? Who are startups for? The usual answers begin sounding strange the more you think about them. A startup is kind of like a child, some say. Founders pour themselves and their resources and energy into the thing—but then, unlike a child,...

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How MEDLab Evaluated the Colorado Sun's Public Benefit

Sept. 5, 2019

The Colorado Sun is a new Colorado news organization seeking a business model that allows it to break free from the outside financial interests currently dominating the state’s news scene . Founded as an employee-owned company just last year, the Sun has incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation—a categorization for...