What does it take to build thriving media organizations, accountable to the communities they serve? At a time of global platform monopolies and local newspapers struggling to survive, the future of media will depend on the kinds of business models we design today.

The Media Economies Design Lab explores pathways for democratic ownership and governance in the online economy. It creates space for researchers and practitioners to challenge the conventional norms and explore possibilities offered by neglected histories and possible futures. Drawing on diverse fields such as cultural studies, law, management, media archaeology, organizational communication, and sociology, MEDLab holds space and time for better kinds of business. Our work includes:

  • Collaboration with startups and established organizations alike to imagine and develop transformative business models, ownership structures, and governance practices
  • Research on under-explored strategies for organizational design, with a particular focus on models that support community wealth-building and appropriate accountability
  • Education on media-economy design through student fellowships and collaborations, together with public events and publications

If you are interested in collaborating, contact us at medlab@colorado.edu. To learn more about our internal processes, consult our handbook.